Fraud Analisys

Fraud Investigations

CTS helps customers to investigate and resolve in-house and outside fraudulent acts, including, theft of liquid assets, misuse of company property, embezzlement, acceptance of bribes, and more.

Litigation Support

CTS works closely with legal counsels at all phases of the legal process, helping to secure admissible evidence in support of the client.

Intellectual Property

We assist customers to resolve matters related to diversions, international gray markets and counterfeit product manufacture, exposing illicit copying of patent-protected brands.

Breach of Fiduciary Duties

We help customers to fight cases of personnel that are diverting customers to shadow entities, setting up competing entities, and persuading employees to violate their contracts.

Leaks of Confidential Information

CTS endeavors to identify the parties behind the exposure of price-sensitive or other confidential data to unauthorized persons.

Exposing Corruption within Multinational Corporations

Among our principal areas of expertise, is assisting Western companies with branch offices, purchasing missions, etc. outside their domicile, especially in Southeast Asia, to fight corruption among their overseas employees.

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