Investigative Due Dilligence

Our aim is to improve the decision making of our customers. We provide detailed comprehensive information that enables assessing potential business partners, customers, vendors, suppliers, or other potential parties for contractual relationships, in terms of record, capability and appropriateness.

In addition, we support customers in assessing the suitability of applicants for senior or sensitive posts.

We offer a dual service, including reputation and personal investigative due diligence, along with classic business investigative due diligence.

Reputation and Personal Investigative Due Diligence

We put a major emphasis on the Human factor in business contexts. This service focuses on reputation issues concerning the individuals and companies concerned.

Among the aspects checked are:

  • Reputation in the relevant industry of the with individual concerned, and of private companies owned by the individual
  • Details on directorship of public companies
  • Bankruptcy search
  • Indications of criminal activity
  • Litigation search

Business Investigative Due Diligence

Covers all economic and business-related issues, among them:

  • Review of main risk factors
  • Relationships with local regulators
  • Interested parties analysis
  • Dependency on key employees
  • Assessment of history data accuracy
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Review of legal aspects
  • Litigation Analysis

Our specialty

Investigative due diligence services for foreign customers considering acquisitions, partnerships or investments with Israeli corporations and individuals.

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