About Us

Ben Dror Matan, CEO

Ben Dror Matan, founder and CEO of CTS Universe, holds MBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). For twelve years he served at the Israeli Securities Authority, where he founded and headed the Investigations Department. In this position, he conducted complex investigations in the fields of misrepresentation of information to the public and stock exchange illegal manipulations.

Ben Dror Matan brings to CTS Universe deep understanding of business processes and risks, over 20 years of experience in the fields of business intelligence, fraud analysis and due-diligence, and a wide network of sources and information resources.


Yuval Yerushalmi, Legal Advisor

Yuval Yerushalmi is an Israeli attorney, and holds a MBA from INSEASD in France.

For 20 years he was the president and CEO of an international company in the tourism industry. He holds the position of Honorary Consul of Finland in Jerusalem and is the  founderand chairman of the Israel-Finland Chamber of Commerce.

Yuval Yerushalmi is a retired officer in the Israeli Military Intelligence.

Elinoar Matan, Head of Training and Courses Department

Elinoar Matan is a Cognitive Psychologist, with 30 years of experience in training, adult education, learning methodologies, course management and planning. She is the founder and chief coach of MetaCoach, an institute for coaching-for-coaches .

Formerly, she headed the Coaching & Facilitating Department at the Institute for the Development of Thinking in Jerusalem.

Nimrod Matan, Head of Arabic desk

Nimrod Matan is a senior consultant with 10 years of experience. He has vast experience in project management of international projects, in Israel and Europe.

He served as an officer in the Israeli Military Intelligence.

Helit Harlap, Due Diligence

Helit Harlap is a Certified Information Analyst, graduate of the Israeli Technological Institute. She has 4 years of experience as Chief Information Expert at CTS Universe, and vast experience in investigative due diligence.

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